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Hello all! Here is week one of a new posting we hope to be doing often. It's going to be called "Inspiration weekly". The first posting is Bob MacEachron's LCHF journey back to health!


"Hi I'm Bob and this is my story:

At age 15 .....240 lbs (then lost 50 lbs)

At age 27......260 lbs (then lost 60 lbs)

At age 35......290 lbs (then lost 70 lbs)

At age 45 .....300+lbs (no weight loss)

Age 58....330 lbs (developed type 2 diabetes)

My journey back to health started on 12/2/2014.


Before starting LCHF lifestyle in December 2014 I weighed 366 lbs, A1C was 8.1, Trig 300, HBP - not well controlled, Gout, and type 2 diabetes. Barely able to walk except with assistance of a walker. Everything headed in the wrong direction.


In October 2014 needed second hip replacement surgery. Unfortunately surgeon said I had to lose at least 86 lbs to qualify for surgery.

He referred me to bariatric surgeon. When I called for appointment they asked if I was calling for the surgeon or weight loss program. I

said doctor assisted weight loss as I did not really want to do the surgery unless it was absolutely necessary. After meeting with Dr. Hallberg I was convinced this could be a lifestyle I could learn to live with.


I started the program eating no grains, potatoes, and sugars, kept my carbs at 20 grams or less and protein at 30% and fat at 65%. After 13 months I now weigh 225 lbs, A1C is at 4.8, Trig 124, no gout, HBP controlled. Type 2 diabetes steadily decreased to 5.7 after 3 months, 6 months 5.2 and now 4.8 and diabetes is now resolved. Hip surgery on November of 2015 and today I am now walking without any assistance. Have not felt this good in many years.


I hope my story influences some to start or maintain LCHF lifestyle. It has worked for me, my wife and my sister. In total we have lost 234 pounds.


The LCHF lifestyle has had a profound effect on my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Hallberg & MSWL staff.

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