Just a little positive!

Hi all,

The fall is upon us and it is such a great time to have soup! Since we choose to stay away from grains which includes cornstarch to thicken our soups, I have another suggestion.


You can make an excellent cream soup a little more substantial by adding cream cheese to your recipe. If you're a dairy free family you can also add a bit of Xanthan gum to your recipe but you must sprinkle very lightly and stir very quickly in order to make sure it does not clump.

My personal choice for a thickening agent is the cream cheese but I also use coconut flour when I know it's not going to change the flavor of my dish. You can also use almond flour or psyllium husk.

Experiment with your favorite ingredients. You don't have to make chili with the beans! It can be made without them and still be very satisfying! Use ground beef and or a roast to get your protein into the recipe and then add all of your favorite things, such as: peppers, onions, celery or cilantro. The possibilities are endless!

Email me with any questions that you might have!

I'll answer them as soon as I can!

Happy Fall!


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