This post is a long time in the making. I've been trying to get it posted since February! I apologize but sometimes I'm just too distracted to sit down and write. I'm going to do better I promise! Or at least I'm going to try my best!

This is one of the most fun posts that I've been able to type. I experimented with ice cream a couple of months ago and the results were fantastic! For the February baking class (yes I said February) I made these four flavors of ice cream. The first is the Death by Chocolate Ice Cream by

It is rich and creamy and I absolutely love it. Just a bite or two is enough because it is so rich.

The next flavor is amazing because it blends two of my favorite things: Cheesecake and Strawberries.

The consensus is that it was delicious. Maria Emmerich really works hard to make her recipes delicious and she hit a home run on this one. I think that it's absolutely wonderful. I did reduce the amount of strawberries by a bit and I added a couple of teaspoons of strawberry extract. The result was amazing and it reduced the carb count by just a little bit. Try it I promise you'll like it.

The next flavor on the list is Toasted coconut. You can find the recipe for that

If you are a coconut lover then you will find this to be amazing. I cannot always find the coconut cream but you can do the same with the unsweetened canned coconut milk. The recipe is delicious either way you choose to make it.

Finally the last recipe is for Cannoli ice cream. I modified this recipe and so I'll post it in the recipe section of this website. It is creamy and tastes so much like a the cannoli filling that you'll love it as a special treat. It reminded me of a snickerdoodle cookie. That in itself was enough to convince me to make it for baking class.

I now have some kind of ice cream in my freezer all of the time. It's sweet and creamy and the good thing is that it only takes a couple of teaspoons to satisfy if I want a bite of something sweet. Even if you only have a ziplock bag that you can put in the freezer you can still have ice cream. Put your ingredients into the baggie, place it in the freezer and shake or knead it every 20 minutes until it's the right consistency you can still have ice cream!

Finally- just a bit of advice and speaking from experience. NEVER take the container to the comfy chair to watch television. The plan might be to have a couple of bites and then our old friend distraction comes along. Whammo half the container is gone before you know it. ALWAYS measure out 1/4 cup and put the container back. If you have a basement or garage freezer, that is where you need to store your ice cream. For many of us it's not a treat that we can have daily- it is just that a TREAT that we can indulge in once or twice a week. For me the harder that I have to work to go get the treat the easier it is to decide if it's a want or a need.

You can have the delicious treats- you really can. Be mindful of what your nutrition counts are during your day and stay on your plan. No one thinks it's a pretty sight when a train derails- don't send yourself reeling off the track.

Now go make some ice cream!


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