Comfort Foods 104

During the last baking class my friends were able to sample a few more of my very favorite low carb discoveries. The first of my favorites this time around is a great recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies from the great website his recipes are great and I haven't made anything that I didn't like.

I love these cookies because they are the closest to the chewy chocolate chippers that I loved. I choose to use the smallest cookie scoop to portion them out so that I get more cookies per batch. I'm thinking all about myself when I say this because if I have the choice to eat three small cookies or one large one- I'm going to choose having the smaller servings every time. Not only will I probably be fine with grabbing one cookie but if not I'll still be able to grab a couple more without completely ruining my calore counts for the day. Here's the link to the recipe:

This same strategy goes for my absolute favorite low carb cookie that I've ever made. The Chewy chocolate brownie cookie from They are a dense chewy cookie that are as close to a real brownie as you can get. They have a delicious chocolate ganache icing that makes them truly delectable.

If you are looking for a great recipe for cookies that are just delicious then you need to try one of these recipes. Wow you won't be sorry!


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