Low Carbohydrate living. How to cope during the HOLIDAYS part one.

Hello all!

One of the things that is the most difficult for us as LCHF lifestylers is the criticism that we receive from naysayers during parties and family get togethers. I am forty-nine years old and peer pressure still gets to me! I've been living a LCHF lifestyle for over three years and I still feel the pressure from many of my friends and family members to succumb to their ideas of normalcy. I have my own ideas about what my normal has become and it almost never conforms to theirs.

The good thing about having free will is that you don't have to conform. In this area of my life I am a leader of the pack. I don't allow others to sway me because early on I learned that no one was responsible for my health but me. Don't get me wrong, I have GREAT people on my side and my medical support team is stellar. One of my favorite sayings since I started this journey is "I know I can have it; I can have whatever I want. Is it ok that I don't WANT it?"

It is OK that you don't want it and I'm going to share a few recipes with you that will prove to you that it's possible. Through these recipes you'll gain the ability to make your holiday season just as FOODIE amazing as you remember. More amazing in fact because before you rose to the brave challenge of changing over to LCHF if you were like me you were sick.

The first recipe that I want to share is for an amazing Caramel pecan cake from the great talent of Carolyn at www.ibreatheimhungry.com . Her recipe for Pecan Pie Bundt Cake is truly amazing.


This is how my cake turned out. Not only is it beautiful it is delicious. I replaced the caramel extract with maple and it was absolutely decadent. Every LC friend that I let try it made it for their Thanksgiving buffet. It was an amazing hit!

Well to be truthful it was a hit at everyone's Thanksgiving get together but mine. At my house they did not even touch it because most of them are wary of LCHF and were "too full" to try it. Let me tell you though without a doubt. Carolyn has this recipe completely perfected. As for me, I now have a few containers of delightful cake in my freezer for those times that I need a little low carb treat. No suffering going on here!

One final bit of information. I did not use the actual sugar syrup. I left it out and it was still amazing.

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