Comfort Foods 103

The third session of the comfort foods baking class is in the past and we had a great crowd. Two of the things that I had the most requests for were bread and cereal. This is the answer to the what we considered normalcy. Things that- if you are here reading this- are hopefully in your past. While I do not miss these things because I very quickly realized that if I could have real butter on just about anything that I wanted- I could more than survive this journey towards a complete lifestyle change. A few months ago a cohort asked me about bread. I'd given her the same answer that I give almost everyone that asks me about it. I don't really miss bread or anything bread-like. That is until I succumbed to the peer pressure and bought a large container of Isopure protein powder and made my first loaf of Soul Bread. HOLY COW GRILLED CHEESE WAS BACK IN MY LIFE ONCE AGAIN!!!

Here is the link to the website where you can find the recipe: and here is the actual link to the Soul bread recipe: The grilled cheese was just so delicious that I went through an entire three pound container of protein powder in a week making that recipe for other low carb friends. Each and every person that I shared the bread with called or sent a text saying WOW is this great!

Now if you're like me and you have little to no self control when it comes to things that are REALLY good you'll have to follow my advice and make it, keep a few slices and give the rest to your friends! If you thought your low carb friends liked you before after this they will LOVE you!

On to the subject of cereal it's probably the most dangerous thing for me to make in my house! I don't know about all of you but my favorite thing to eat as a child was Quisp cereal! Now that I've been taught that those sugary cereals were a HUGE part of the reason that I ended up weighing 360 pounds at my heaviest, pre-diabetic and overall unhealthy I'm not as tempted. Well I should say that until these recipes I was not tempted. My favorite LCHF cereal recipe comes from Wow I can't say how much I love that website. Libby has built the Ditch The Carbs website into a great resource for all of us in the Low Carb world.

Here is the recipe for my favorite grain free cereal: Believe me having this type of crunch back in my life is a great thing. I always measure out one serving and put the bag away immediately or else I could eat cup after cup of this delicious mix! Of course I add heavy cream and that makes this recipe absolutely fabulous. The other recipe that I love is posted under recipes on the main page of the website. Both of them are great substitutes for the old carboholic stuff that we used to love and now are so glad to say we don't eat any longer.

When you make these recipes send the ladies a note to say Thank you!



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