The Life Changing Moment

There was actually a life changing moment and it happened long before I started my weight loss journey.

The story begins with: Once Upon A Time there was a doctor...

I have known Dr. Hallberg for approximately five years. When I was looking for a primary care physician I surveyed my friends and family for suggestions. Six of my friends and family members said that she was their doctor. She was not accepting patients at the time but thankfully she made an exception. At my first appointment with her I was forty-four years old and I was not at my heaviest weight which was 360lbs, I weighed 354lbs. She advised me that I needed to bring my weight down. I was not unhealthy but at some point I might become so if I didn't try to lose some of the weight. Over the next couple of months I managed to lose a few pounds. At the end of an appointment a couple of months later she told me that she was going to be starting a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program and she asked if I would consider becoming a MSWL patient. I agreed that it would be a good idea and as life goes, time flew and about six months went by. I had forgotten about it really or to be honest maybe subconsciously avoided thinking about it, when I received a letter that said she was only going to be doing the MSWL practice. I would need to find another primary care physician. This made me think, really think and I called on July the 20th of 2013 to say that she had asked me to join the program . Twenty minutes later I received a call back saying Dr. Hallberg says get in here on Monday morning, you are starting the program in two days!

I weighed in at 334lbs when I decided to change my life. I have lost 135lbs during the process. The moment when I knew I was doing the right thing came two years ago because of my speech students. (I'm a Speech therapist in an elementary school. I have seventy kiddos in K - 6th grades that I service.) During a group session with the second graders I was falling asleep while playing Go Fish. Right there while in the middle of a game the kids said Ms. Polen you're falling asleep again. AGAIN?? I thought if I do this often enough that these little ones are saying I'm doing it again it is truly time that I get serious.

I did as Dr. Hallberg asked and I cut out carbs, the usual no bread, potatoes, pasta or grains etc. I now realize that I did not cut enough of them out, but I lost weight very consistently until-- I did not. I have now been living a ketogenic lifestyle for about two years and I feel amazing. I do not eat the things that I used to, I do not want those things and it does not bother me to make them or be around them. Someone flipped a switch and the light came on. I'm off all of my meds, I have started walking and have walked as much as five miles with a friend. I admit that I'm not the best at being strict about it but I actually enjoy it now. Before I changed my diet everything hurt and I thought I would never be able to walk or exercise, nor did I want to. It took me many months to actually follow that bit of my--very patient--Doctor's advice but I finally started. Surprise it didn't kill me either, like I always thought it would.

My teachers were making fun of me for eating avocado for lunch six months ago. Slowly but surely I've been working on them and on Friday five of the seven of them had avocado of some kind with their lunch. I want to convince everyone, I am so excited about my change of life I feel that at some point it must absolutely become contagious.

So in the end I am so much healthier because my metabolic mentor Dr. Hallberg my and her staff are amazing.

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