Those fab Britannia jeans.

Hey there,

So let’s see, I left off at age sixteen. I remember being at a Girl Scout meeting (Yes I was in Girl Scouts until I was out of high school and man was it a great experience.) when my scout leader mentioned something about my jeans. I can’t exactly remember what the comment was but I remember it was kind and considerate and given out of concern. I can remember the exact pair of jeans. They were Britannia jeans with some kind of flag design on the pocket. Man I loved those jeans! A few months ago when I was back into a size eighteen jeans for the first time in twenty some years I thought about those jeans and how I wished that I could look forward to wearing them again.

I am going to skip ahead to the present and continue the story from here but I’ll be jumping back and forth. I have now officially been overweight and by all current definitions clinically obese for over thirty plus years. I haven’t been unhappy or thankfully unhealthy for any of those years but I was just on the edge of disaster when I started seeing a new doctor.

That in itself was a great life changing experience. I'll continue with that story very soon.

Till next time...


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